Accurate and Enhanced Property History and Property Condition Data

Marketers are challenged with understanding consumers. PropenCity is innovating new segmentation methodologies that yield rich and comprehensive consumer insights in the home renovation space to help you reveal your customers’ preferences in the real estate, finance, consumer products and retail industries.

PropenCity combines building permit data, demographics, consumer behavior and geographic data to help marketers identify, understand and reach their customers and prospects.

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According to The Joint Center of Housing Studies of Harvard University, spending on home improvements and repairs to owner-occupied housing is projected to reach $324 billion, and to continue growing at an unprecedented rate as the number of available houses remains low, prices for new homes continue to skyrocket and existing homes age. PropenCity’s tools and data offer you the ability to tap into this growing market.

Real Estate

Tools, widgets, customized newsletters and data for every home in every zip code.

  • Use construction permit data to help identify new constructions, home history and hot areas where there is more investment in residential real estate
  • Attract and engage with customers by providing construction cost estimates and the ROI for specific renovation projects, and by showing them what it would cost to get a house prepared to sell; white label our tools and analytics
  • Nurture existing and returning clients by showing them the cost to remodel their home, the property history and its conditions, and by identifying all the previous contractors who worked on it, etc.

The real estate and home remodeling industries are closely intertwined, and Realtors play a key role in facilitating home renovations of all sizes – whether by identifying or marketing homes with good renovation potential, discussing renovation repairs and costs, or introducing buyers and sellers to contractors and service providers. Our tools and data allow real estate professionals to better attract and engage with their customers, understand customer behaviors, generate intelligent home listings leads, and nurture existing and returning customers.

PropenCity’s Real Estate tools and and data will:

  • Help buyers, sellers and owners understand what is involved in a remodeling or renovation project
  • Provide construction cost estimates and the ROI on a remodel project specific to the properties neighborhood
  • Assist Realtors with understanding the client's intentions and motivations
  • Present a listing of local contractors who’ve performed work in the neighborhood and the ratings of each one
  • Offer historical and fresh residential building permit data
    (Because of sophisticated algorithms, we can enhance this data with more proprietary information. For example, permit pricing is often incorrect or lacking. Our proprietary algorithms and data collection tools create the most comprehensive record of building permit records, thereby creating a more thorough home condition history than was previously possible.)

Banks and Lenders

Tools, content and property data to convince homeowners and buyers that you have the right loan product for their situation.

  • Use building permit data to help identify and target potential customers – customers who have untapped equity in their homes, who are most likely to borrow and who should think about remodeling based on activities in their neighborhood
  • Improve customer acquisition by focusing only on highly desired customer segments and geographic markets using customer intent and permit data
  • Use our tools and data to generate your own leads instead of buying them
  • Become part of an ecosystem of lenders and receive high quality leads

Tapping into the home loan renovation market has consistently eluded lenders. It is very hard to identify early on in the remodeling process who is thinking about a home remodel and who needs financing. Today’s lenders acquire leads from a range of resources. These tend to be expensive and have stunningly low conversion rates because they are generated so late in the customer’s renovation journey. PropenCity’s tools, widgets and data allow lenders to create and manage their own lead generation engine.
Our expertise in Financial Services enables clients to fuel growth through:

  • Optimizing customer interactions across all sales and marketing channels in a cost-effective and seamless manner
  • Improving customer acquisition across renovation and home equity loan products and services
  • Growing customer penetration and adoption of financial products Increasing the number of applications and optimizing loan origination conversions
  • Focusing on highly desired customer segments and geographic markets with an omnichannel approach using permit and intent data
  • Increasing awareness and Improving conversion of customers most likely to borrow
  • Offer unique data to identify and target potential customers, for example by utilizing PropenCity’s nationwide permit data to identify customers who have an older home and have not done a remodelling project.

Retail Industry

Tool, content and data to help you market intelligently.

  • Provide a better experience for potential customers by getting insight into what they will need to buy well in advance; vendors can also capitalize on this predictive data
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs by positioning yourself as a resource early on in the consumer's journey
  • Identify and acquire new customers who are likely to shop at specific competitor stores
  • Present timely and relevant offers to customers based on buying behavior information

For most consumers, remodeling or renovating a home is a long and arduous process. Retailers that can position themselves as a resource early on in the consumer's journey will have a higher likelihood of turning that consumer into a customer. PropenCity offers Retailers the tools and data they need to become an invaluable resource for renovating consumers.
Customers Engagement and Acquisition

  • Improve response rates and reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Use PropenCity’s robust set of acquisition analytics and predictive indicators to reach the right audiences
  • Uncover the highest-value audiences for customer acquisition
  • Increase speed-to-action with a more complete view of the customer
  • Improve audience creation, targeting and measurement with our seamless integration of data to any CRM
  • Boost customer engagement by optimizing customer interactions across all channels
  • Identify the audiences outside your customer database with a preference for shopping at specific competitors
  • Tap into rich consumer audiences who are losing their preferred shopping outlet due to store closures, bankruptcy, etc.
  • Increase your market share by introducing your brand to new audiences
  • Present timely and relevant offers

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PropenCity is the only place where you will find the most complete, highly normalized fresh and historical residential building permit data across the US, plus the cost of construction per zip code per project, ROI costs and home remodeling professionals’ full backgrounds.
Now you can enhance your marketing efforts with customized property data reports, including property history, construction permit data and property condition reports.
If you are looking to find out who is remodeling their home or which construction company is building a new community, contact us. Our reports are available on a monthly basis or à la carte.
To learn more, check out the PropenCity Renovation Report.


Easily integrate historic and fresh residential building permit data solutions right into your tools.