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Fresh Residential Building Permit Data Reports

Every city in the US grants its own version of residential building permits. Our reports provide all the details of the latest fresh residential permits pulled from the city. Each report includes many items of interest, including the address, the scope of the work, the contractor contact info and the true cost – as many permits do not list the real cost, we use our proprietary algorithm to identify the real value of every permit. Real estate agencies and agents use these reports to identify new multi-unit projects, retailers use them to tailor their reporting, and lifestyle companies opt to send magazine subscriptions to those addresses. You simply subscribe, then choose the city or cities you are interested, and you will receive a monthly report.

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Customized Reports

Specify your cities and any date range, and you can receive a customized report that provides you with information on residential building permits, including addresses, scope, true costs and contractor contact info. We offer a minimum of 72 data items for every single permit.

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API Integration

Easily integrate historic and fresh home and building permit data right into your own tools. You can integrate full building permit data, cost of construction for every project and every address, ROI values for every project in every zip code, and fully enhanced, complete contractor data including personal contact information, work history, average cost of renovations, sentiment analysis of all their reviews, and a contractor score that leverages all of the above including licenses, bonds and insurance.

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White Label & API

If you like the user experience and want to give your users the same experience, level of engagement and rigor, you can get a white labelled version with your own logo design aesthetics. White label is available for any or all of our tools.

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Widget: Home Remodeling Estimator & ROI Calculator

Our widget placed on your website is guaranteed to attract customers to your site. From estimating cost and calculating ROI to finding professionals, our widget will bring customers right to your site, whether they need loans, retail offerings or just for traffic purposes.

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