Kukun introduces PropenCity.io and its industry-leading tools and data for B2B

Propencity.io helps marketers and data scientists access valuable tools and data on the condition of homes

MENLO PARK, Calif. – Oct. 19, 2017 Kukun, a leading online platform that helps homeowners navigate the home remodeling process, today announced the launch of its new website PropenCity.io to help the industries serving home remodeling to identify and create leads to engage with their customers. Additionally, PropenCity will help data scientists that need home condition data to forecast the valuation of properties and the future of real estate. As the real estate industry continues to innovate and advance, the data and tools available have been lacking. The cutting-edge tools offered include Kukun’s Estimator, ROI Calculator, Find a Pro, Quote Creation, and Project Management, and are available in white labeled sites, widgets and APIs. The data includes Building Permit Data, Construction by Project, ROI Per Project and Full Contractor Histories.  

Why PropenCity?

Two years ago, as Kukun was building its “Find a Pro” feature and its ROI-calculating machine-learning algorithm, it was obvious that no one had a normalized set of building permit data. So Kukun started to collect, normalize and enhance the data in order for its key flagship features to work. It soon became obvious that there was a serious need for this data that reveals the history of individual homes, their conditions, and their values. Kukun was the first consumer of that data and thus made sure it worked and was of the highest possible quality.

The tools and the data are of great value to lenders, mortgage holders, insurance companies and anyone working on machine-learning algorithms in the real estate industry. The market needed tools to help customers see the value in remodeling and to make the process easier. That could not happen without the right tools and data. Thankfully, Kukun stepped up to the plate and now PropenCity’s customers are excited about using this data to create leads and innovative algorithms.  

About Kukun:

Kukun is the perfect marketplace for home renovators who’d like to complete ANY renovation project for their home. Kukun’s easy-to-use tools help home renovators manage the entire process from beginning to end, allowing them to control the time and money involved along the way. Homeowners use our tools to automatically get answers to the majority of their questions so they can embark on their renovation projects with confidence. In addition, Kukun caters to industries that provide services to homeowners, such as construction professionals, banks, retailers, interior designers and real estate agents. Visit mykukun.com or download the Kukun Mobile app, now available on iOS and Android devices.


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