Which Renovation Projects in Los Angeles Give Highest Return on Investment (ROI)?

After two years of feeding our machine-learning algorithm tons of home sales and construction permit data for Los Angeles, Kukun’s ROI algorithm determined the projects with the best ROI and those with the lowest ROI.

Great rooms are HOT. People love them when they buy homes. Open spaces are desirable as they give a strong sense of modernity and openness. Adding extra bedrooms also make a lot of sense if you want to add more value to your home. So here’s to you, LA – now tear down those walls and add those extra bedrooms, especially if you have 3 or fewer bedrooms.

The infographic below shows the latest results from this year, and please note that we will continue to feed our algorithm more permit and home sales data. We are already looking to next year’s report! Meanwhile, Los Angeles, it’s time to take out some walls and create a grand space.


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