White Label

White Label Services

“Your tools are what the market needed to help with the new consumer who expects to receive before they give.”

We hear that often, from lenders and real estate agents and agencies.

Our white label tools come with full daily analytic reports so you can better understand your users in order to better serve them.

Our tools are also available through APIs.
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Our tools include:

A remodeling cost estimator:

Using the construction book bibles, our remodel cost estimator is built by contractors for homeowners, available for every zip code and updated to reflect market changes twice per year. Remove the mystery surrounding project costs and empower your customers so they can better use your services.

An ROI/equity calculator:

Our patent-pending ROI calculator is driven by sophisticated data science algorithms that check home sales and associated projects undertaken on those homes. We distill the equity added to those home by crunching millions of home sales and billions of data records. The ROI is available for every city and neighborhood, and continues to improve with more transactions.

Find a pro:

Our remodeling professionals’ profiles are not promotional. We research every project they have undertaken, document it, and analyze it so that if you are in the market to hire professionals, you are able to see their project history, their licenses and their digital reputation using a powerful sentiment-analysis algorithm. Help your customers make smart decisions by knowing more.

Property construction history:

Personalize the experience for your users. Make them feel that you are the expert and enable them with information on their most beloved investment; their homes. Show them all projects undertaken in the past, the scope, the contractors that worked on it, their contact info, etc.

Content: Our rich content encyclopedia can be placed and branded on your website or on a managed landing page. Our content along with our tools can be a powerful SEO booster for your site and a great enabler for your customers so they buy from you.

Newsletter: Combining content and tools can be a powerful newsletter tool for your company. Brand it with your company’s aesthetics and logo, and send it off to your past and current users. That way you are engaging them while also gaining a better understanding of the analytics.