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Marketers are challenged with understanding the consumer in their respective industry. PropenCity is innovating new segmentation methodologies that yield rich and comprehensive consumer insights in the home renovation space to help you reveal your customer's preferences in the real estate, finance, consumer products, and retail industries.

PropenCity combines permit data, demographic, consumer behavior, and geographic data to help marketers identify, understand and reach their customers and prospects.

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According to the The Joint Center of Housing Studies of Harvard University, spending on improvements and repairs to the owner-occupied housing stock is projected to reach fully $324 billion, and will continue growing at an unprecedented rate as available housing inventory remains low, prices for new homes continue to skyrocket and existing homes age. PropenCity’s tools and data can give you the ability to tap into this growing market.

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PropenCity is the only place where you will find the most complete, highly normalized fresh and historical residential building permit data across the US, plus the cost of construction per zip code per project, ROI costs and home remodeling professionals’ full backgrounds. If you are looking to find out who is remodeling their home or which construction company is building a new community, contact us. Our reports are available on a monthly basis or à la carte.

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Easily integrate historic and fresh residential building permit data solutions right into your tools.